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Welcome to Scuba Diving
Exprience Under Water world

Dive with Shelloo!

We believe that quality service does not require a high price tag. Scuba diving should be fun and accessible to everyone. Enjoy your dive with our certified, experienced and friendly Instructors and Dive masters and explore the beautiful reefs. It's magical, mystical, and simply breathtaking and above all it's a lot of fun!

It's Safe & secure!

Scuba diving is safe and secure while learning and experience the under water world with certified, experienced and friendly Instructors and Dive masters. Nothing is better than life, keeping that in mind we have process safety producer at the time diving.This experience can be provided for Kids starting at the age of 10yrs

No Swimming Required!

It’s not require any swimming skill, this is a easy and fun way to find out what scuba diving is really like! For both swimmers and non swimmers, With our Dive masters guidance you will explore the mesmerizing marine life and an unparalleled sense of adventure makes Scuba diving a perfect recreation sport.

Get to know Shello

Shelloo Dive is a friendly dive centre located at Beach #2, Govind Nagar, at Havelock Island in the Andamans. We opened in Nov 2017. With a strong emphasis placed on safety, we offer professional quality service, but in a flexible relaxed manner. We here at Shelloo Dive have a strong passion for the island and the sea that surrounds it. We look forward to sharing that passion with you, not just as our customers but also as our friends. We follow the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) general standards and recommendations. We offer almost all PADI courses and from recreational diving to professional diving.

My favourite thing to do on this planet is to scuba dive.

- Best Customer